need cdp for mag1.6qr, wyred4s

hello first let me thank all who have posted here i have learned so much i am a ret. fire lieut. and music lover since i was a young boy i am assembling a system which consists of; wyred4sound stp-se pre amp and st-1000 pow. amp , morrow audio ma6 ic's sp7 spker cables and mag1.6qr spker.s can you please recommend a cdp $2000-$4000 range new, w4s suggests a tubed source please only reputable co.s which offer great value for the money like the above co.s thank you very much
I also have Magnepan 1.6QR's. The ModWright Sony 5400 fits all of your selection criteria. It is tubed, it will come in at under $3500 including purchase of the stock sony, and you can't find a straighter guy than Dan Wright in my experience. Check it out on the ModWright website. Search the audiogon threads and you will see that people are comparing it to cdp's that cost a lot more. Finally, I can tell you that this player goes very well with your speakers.
thank you brownsfan i already did some research and this modded cdp is certainly intriguing to say the least