Need CD Player up to $1,500

I just bought a Hegel H100 integrated amp for $1,400 and I really love it. My only regret is that I see a Hegel H200 for $1,900 and I would've gladly paid the extra $500 but I still got more than I expected and plenty of power. I have a MF A3 CD player and Monitor Audio Silver RX8 speakers.

I was deciding whether to repair it or just get a very good integrated and repair it later which I did. I read great reviews of the Hegel amps and the H100 seemed like a bargain. I'll write a review but I'm thrilled with it. It's so good that I think the MFA3 is constricting it.

So I've read many A'gon discussions and I'm thinking about the following CD Players or any other that may be recommended. What I want is something with a large open sound, is detailed, and musical- and slightly warm if possible.

So I'm considering: Cayin cd77a, Arcam FMJ cd23, Ayre c-7XE, Meridian 506, Simaudio Equinox, Audio Aero Prima, Jolida JD100, MF A5, 308, 1008 or something by Rega. I was also wondering id paying $2,000 for a Pathos Digit or Hegel CDP 2A would be worth the extra money. I have heard good things about all these cd player and specifically I want something that is OPEN sounding (best way I can describe it), not too laid back, and just makes beautiful music. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

My apologies: I had a Jolida Fusion Preamp that I was bi-amping with a MF A3 and B&k 2020 and the Jolida and B&K shorted or fried one night. That is what I was deciding to repair before I got the Hegel. Thanks again for any CD Player advice with the Hegel.
You may have already considered this, but have you thought about ripping your cd collection and just use an external dac?  There are 2 major advantages of this: 1) Eliminates all mechanical jitter and noise, 2) All of your music can be readily available without having to change out discs.  

Thanks audioman. Actually I was talking to a guy a few years back and he went to an audio event in Germany. They were going to demo systems and when he broke out CDs everyone laughed. He didn't know why. He said they all had their music on laptops. The idea was that a laptop is already a computer and can process a ton of of information- more than a cd player.
I admit to knowing barely nothing about DACs- but having all the music I want stored without the CDs- that would be a treat. I noticed CD players started giving way to DACs in the classifieds.
I will definately look into that. It made sense years ago with laptops as players and I imagine a DAC (though I don't know much about them) for audio gear would be ideal. Thank you!


Your A3 cd player uses a PCM1716 Delta Sigma d/a convertors, which won’t do full DSD anyway. Your Redbook (pcm) replay collection is compromised compared to a cdp or dac that uses r2r multibit convertors, which convert it "bit perfect".

You could use the A3 as a transport as it has a good quality (Sony KSs-240A) laser transport/mech and get a Schitt Gungnir (with r2r multibit option) or the more expensive Schitt Yggdrasil (r2r multibit) dac.

This way you’ll get the very best from your Redbook (pcm) cd collection, and forget about DSD which to me is a hoax anyway.

Cheers George


Thank you. I'm amazed at how much people know on this site- like the type of transport an A3 has. I hadn't considered that I already have a good transport and could just buy a dac instead of another cd player. It's going to be hard to not just pick up another cd player b/c I'm familiar with those. But I guess it's 2016 and all I really hear about are dacs, I read the Schiit was very good and I believe I'll look for a good dac and give it a try.

Much appreciated!