Need CD interconnect advice.

I need to replace my .5 meter pair of Kimber Silver Streak cables with a longer 1-1.5 meter pair of cables. I'm wondering what are some of my best options for under $200 new or used? The cables will be connecting a Sony 777ES CD/DVD changer to an Arcam AVR300 receiver. I haven't used the Silver Streak in this setup because the cables I have are too short. Should I stick with a longer Silver Streak, go with PBJ or some other cable for my analog connection? I have a Kimber D-60 as my digital cable but need an analog connection as well for SACD listening. Thanks for any input.
Try Silent audio apollo C (copper). Email Paul and see what the price is if the length you need is not on an Audiogon auction. I expect you can get them for a trial and risk only the shipping. I have three pairs and they are dead silent, smooth and musical with solid state equipment. I expect you will only spend 25-30% of your budget and will be well satisfied.
VH Audio Pulsars - $200 new.
I can only tell you what I have used and been very satisfied with, and that is Goertz Alpha-Core. I use them with my Sony DVP-S9000ES and have been extremely satisfied with them. They have bettered the Kimber wires I have owned and are also better than my Tara Labs Air 1 I/C's. Just my opinion, but that has been my experience. BTW, they will let you try them for 3 weeks, risk free.
I'll second the Pulsars which I believe have a 60 day trial. I've used them in my system before with the WBT NextGen Silver ends. I also am impressed with Alpha Core products as well and use their speaker cable, but have no experience with their ICs. With a trial period it may be worth checking into both of these options.
Thanks for the advice everyone.

I'll look into all of the suggestions and am open to more. On the Goertz Alpha-Core, which model for the money is best? I realize my setup isn't ultra high end but I do want to get the best/most cable for my purposes without going overboard. I may also go with an external DAC down the road for my stereo listening (I have an extra D-60 to connect to it already). I love the convenience of having a 400 disc changer and want to get the most out of it.

Thanks again.
I use Usher, purchased from Hometheaterdoc, here on A'gon. I paid about $120 for 1 meter. They have replaced my Acoustic Zen Matrix, which were about $220 used. I can't hear a difference between the two. They even have the very nice locking RCA's. At one point Usher was made in the same factory as Acoustic Zen, but I guess now are made overseas.
Without going overboard on cost and considering your budget, I would buy the Micropurl I/C's. I own both versions and they are excellent. If this helps, I have found the silver sounds a little cleaner and more detailed in my system, and the copper has just a tiny bit of edge to it. And by the way, the Micropurl Copper I/C is the one that bettered my Tara Labs Air 1 I/C - not by much, but better just the same. Hope this helps.
My advice would be to stick with the Kimber Silver Streak. IMO, they offer the highest value among high-end cables. There are better, but they are exponentially more expensive. One would even have an arguement for that "value statement" extending it to the whole line of Kimber cables. That said, there are many great cables out there, with some good values mentioned above.
the best value for money in the alpha core range of interconnects is definetly the tq-2, the difference between
the sapphire and tq-2 are slight, the sapphire being a bit more liquid and open in character but if you are on a budget the tq-2 is a very close contender and hard to beat for the money.