Need cartridge recommendations for Rega P25

OK. So I just destroyed another cartridge and need a replacement for the Dynavector DV20 I trashed. A really nice cartridge but not reparable and currently too expensive for me to replace.
I've used Sumiko and Grado and am currently running a Rega Elys original(purple) - somewhat worn but gets the job done, for now - so I do not know how a new Elys would really sound.
Any recommendations on a good match for the table?
Any comments on the Rega Elys 2 or Exact?

Thanks for the help?
Try a Denon DL-160 high output moving coil. Really a terrific sounding cartridge and not terribly expensive. I have two. One in a Rega P3 and another in my JA Michell Tecnodec (with rega arm). I've found the Rega cartridges to be OK but not that great. Somewhat harsh and uninvolving. Hope this helps/
Try a Lyra Dorian I had a Lyra Lydian on my P25 and loved it.
The Lyra Dorian is an excellent recommendation, if you have the gain in your phono stage for it. It's a low output MC. If you only have a MM stage, try the Audio Technica AT150MLX. I've used it on my P25 and it was wonderful. I am currently using a SoundSmith retipped Grace F9E that's amazing, if you can find one.
The Rega Exact 2 may not be the most popular choice here in Audiogonland, but it sounds wonderful as part of my P3-24/RB-301/TT-PSU set up. I understand that it mates beautifully with the P25 as well. Give it a never know, you may love it. Happy Listening.
I agree on the Exact 2. Also very easy to mount. 5 minutes and you will be enjoying the music.
I like the Goldring Eroica MC. Not too expensive and I think it's a good match for the Rega arms.
Thanks for the recommendations. I'll use it as a basis for further online research before i decide.

Any comments on the Dynavector 10x5?
I've recently installed an Ortofon 2m Bronze on my P3. I like it so far and to my ears it's better than the AT150MLX and Dynavector 10X5 I had previously.
I wouldn't do a MM if you can't adjust capacitance loading. A HO MC like a Dyna 10 or 20 sounds great on a Rega arm and if you like the Dyan sound (which I love) maybe the 10X would be worth a go. It won't be much of a departure in house sound for you, which IMO is such a big variable and risk for you if you go with another brand cartridge like Ortofon, AT etc. I do find the 20X HO is very sensitive to impedance loading with my phonostage just like the LO would be, but if it didn't sound too bright for you with whatever phonostage you have (I'm assuming you left it at 47K and can't adjust it) then maybe the 10X won't be either.