Need Cartridge Recommendation

I have acquired a Linn LP12 with lingo, cirkus, trampolin and an Ekos II tonearm. I am looking for a cartridge. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I have been considering a Van Den Hul Frog or perhaps a Koetsu Rosewood signature. Any compatibility issues that I should know about? What about the Archiv? Thanks
How can you go wrong with an Archiv II? It's 3 point mounting and systems approach makes it the natural choice....
I just purchased a Lyra Hellikon, reviewed in stereophile I think March. I understand there is a review in the Absolute Sound issue 127 December/January by HP. I in the process of break-in not a fair statement. So far it sounds superior to my ex-Transfiguration Spirit. Hope that helps. Let me know how you do.
I infer from your expressed 'candidates' that you're considering low-medium output coils. Benz has a good synergy with the LP-12, and even the LO.4 is a great cartridge for the money. Another line to consider is Allaerts, reportedly the preferred cartridge of Simon Yorke on his tables. Your choice of course ultimately depends on how much you want to spend. Good Luck!