Need Cart Rec for Moerch DP-6

As I "patiently" await delivery of a new Allaerts MC1B, I am in need of a medium output cartridge to go on a Moerch DP-6. I had been using a Cartridge Man MusicMaker 3, but other recent changes to my system require a lower output cartridge (something b/w .5mV and 1.25mV). Since this will be in use only for a few months, i am trying to keep the cost down and settle for something solid, if not spectacular. My short list includes: Dyna 17D3, Koetsu Black, Benz Micro ACE, Shelter 501. As you can tell, i am trying to keep cost under $1K new or used. Rest of system is tube, and musical preferences center on acoustic rock, jazz, and blues.

Any recommendations or advice would be most appreciated.
For any Moerch product it all depends on the type of arm you have (yellow, blue, red dot, etc.). This defines the mass of the arm, which dictates the compiance of the cartridge that will work with it. So, which color dot do you have on your DP-6?

Here's a link to more info on some popular cartridges and the version of the Moerch arm's that work best with them:

(see the link on this page for cartrige/armtube combination lists)

The choice depends on which arm wand you're using. I had very good results with a Benz Glider M2 in a 12" Red wand on my DP-6. Also a Benz L2 but that is a bit over your price range if you buy new.

thanks. sorry i wasn't clearer to begin with. i have a red dot, 9" standard armwand.