Need Cabling suggestions

I'm running a Rotel RSP-976 and B&K Sonata series 5-channel. I'm looking to upgrade interconnects and speaker cables from IXOS/MONSTER to something better for my equipment NAD 531 DVD/CD duty. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.
I use BEL-the wire I/C's with my B&K equipment. You don't mention what speakers you have. Here's a start.
I've got the JMLAb Cobalt 806s. I'll check out the BELs. THanks.
I highly recommend Virtual Image interconnects, the Pile Driver 18. A few months ago, these replaced the Straightwire Crescendo's that I was using. You didn't really specify a price range, the V.I. interconnects will run you about $200 for a 4 ft. pair. I've also tried the Audience Au24's in my system and have found the V.I. cables to be superior to them as well. As for speaker cables, since you didn't specify a price range, try the DH Labs Q-10 speaker cables. I put these in my son's 2 channel system, but could not resist the urge to try them in mine, I was pretty impressed by them at their price point. Going up the ladder from them, I recommend Acoustic Zen Satori ( I put these in my wife's HT), and I use Kimber Select 3035's in my 2 channel.
These Virtual IC's,were they considerably beyond the AU24?Thanks,Bob