Need Cable Opinions for Old McIntosh System

Hi. I am new to cables.

Currently, I have McIntosh MC2100 100Wx2 amp, C28 Preamp, Music Hall CD-25, and McIntosh XR14 along with MQ102.

They sound awesome with my crappy monster cables... but now it's time to move on.

My budget is $200-300 for 3 used pairs of 0.5m or 1m.
Also, looking for speaker cables.

I am looking at MITs.. but I'd really appreciate it if you can recommend me some other goodies matching with Mac system.

Thanks for your attension.
I like MITs the most with my McIntoshes. I currently use all T2 (previous version of S1). I compared them in my system to Nordost, Kimber, and Audioquest but I kept the MITs.

The MC2100 has one of those tiny barrier strips. The MIT spades will not fit on them. Actually, 95% of nice cables won't fit on them. You can use the MIT pins but they will be unwieldy since the barrier strip is at an angle on that amp and the cables don't bend that great. I would suggest you get banana adaptors from ebay. They have small spades on one end and a banana socket on the other. They work great for all vintage Mc gear and fit MIT bananas very well. Let me know if you want more details/clarification. Good luck! Arthur
Thanks alot for your response.

Yeah, I may look into T2s. Or should I pay an extra and get MI-330?

And for the banana adaptors on ebay, that would be great for my system.
I haven't tried 330s yet but I am tempted. After trying various cables, I am pretty well sold on MIT. Once I get a single disc CDP, I will check them out.

I just bought a pair of adaptors for MC2100.

Anyway, I came up one more question about the MIT speaker pulgs.

You know, my XR14 won't fit with banana plugs cuz they are too big..(damn Mac!) I was wondering if you can take the plug out from the speaker wire and replace with a thinner plug...

Thanks again.