Need cable advice

Ok, I have moved my system and now need longer (10 ft.) speaker cables. I am mainly a 2 channel analog guy.....2 channel rig on one side of cabinet and AVR stuff on the other. Using theater BP on my Cary integrated amp. My equipment is as follows - Cary CAI-1 integrated amp, Rogue Audio Stealth phono section, Esoteric DV-50 cdp, Thorens td-160 / SME3009/S2IMP, JM Lab Electra 926 speakers. I listen to mainly jazz, alternative and classic rock. Have been using $300-$400 cables and have been satisfied with sound but have been out of the audio loop for a long time now so don't know if i'm missing out on anything. Don't mind buying used and don't want to spend more than $500.00. I should'nt have to spend more than this in order to extract quality sound. There's a lot of snake oil out there. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I have posted the answer many times to Audiogon. I strongly suggest you look at Anti-Cables. I can not recommend them highly enough. They are inexpensive, but are at the cutting edge. They have a money back guarantee.
I bought the anti cables but don't care for them. If you need your treble tamed they would be good. I compared them to one meter lengths of Siltech Ribbon and Van den Hul Revelation Hybrid using long interconnects from my preamp and the result led me to buy some used Cardas for more money than I ever believed I'd spend on a peace of wire. I can't use short wires on my M3 so I couldn't use the short ones I had. I will grant you that the price differential is huge but anti cable claim to be competitive with the best. But if they have a money back guarantee what can you lose? Mine are going one way or another.
I have had Kimber 8TC, Nordost Red Dawn & Nordost SPM, and Cardas Golden Cross speaker cables in my system. Believe it or not, my system is now more musical than ever with Anti-cables. If I would have knowm this before, I could have saved myself a few thousand dollars.
You must try Anti-cables, you will not be disappointed!
If you do try the Anti cables and don't like them look into the NAIM NACA 5 great wire for the buck...unbelieveable sound..the design is done right all copper and would work well with JM Lab..I have a friend with JM lab speakers and he loves the Naim wire..
Straightwire Maestro II - I prefer them to Kimber 8TC, Kimber Select 3035, Audience AU24, Goertz M-2, MIT - several models, all of which I own and have extensive experience with in my system.
As usual, lots of praise for the anti-cables. I've tried tons of cables at all price levels over the years. The anti-cables are perhaps the value king of cables, just be aware they they are not shielded. If you live in a high RFI, EMI environment they may not be best choice. This is especially true with tube equipment and speaker cable!

Beyond that cables are system dependent, any advice given may or may not work for you. I use Cardas Golden Reference throughout my system. I find them to be the chameleons of the cable industry, they don't stand out in any particular sonic category. This chameleon-like character makes them good cables to build around. Unfortunately, they are going to be around 1k in your length.

As for snake oil, don't believe that one until you try for yourself. Reference quality cables can make a difference, the problem with cables is the diminishing returns ratio is steep.
SNS et al. You are right that you must audition cables in your own system. There is nothing I've tried that's worse than Cardas in my system. ..and so it goes. It closed down the highs, diminished the dynamics, put lots of grain into the system..yuk. I called and spoke to Colleen who said they sounded not broken in....after a year I tossed them.
Sns, I have a tubed preamp and power amp and have not experienced any problems with Anticable speaker cables!!
Why no mention of Acoustic Zen cables? Their Satori cable works nicely in my system, nicely balanced.