Need budget, used tube preamp to go with Bel Canto

Hi, Gang!

I am moving up to separates from a Unison Unico integrated amp. I want to see what my Ohm Walsh 100-S3 speakers will sound like with more power. I picked up a Bel Canto S300 (150 W into 8 ohms) here on Audiogon. Now I need a preamp. I'm pretty much sold on getting a tube preamp, but my budget is only $700 max this time. So a used preamp is obviously the way to go. I don't need a phono stage because I have an outboard unit (a Bottlehead Seduction that I built.)

What suggestions do you have for a relatively inexpensive used tube preamp that will mate well with the S300?

And what do you think of using a Peachtree Decco as a preamp? My CD player (Music Hall CD 25.2) has digital out, so I could use the digital in on the Decco for that, and use the analog inputs for my phono stage and tuner.

Thanks in advance for your wisdom!
If you can stretch your budget a bit check out the
Conrad Johnson PV-11 tube preamplifier posted
OR the
Audio Research SP9 also posted

I have a TAD 150 Signature. Also nice, big sound stage, very neutral but still has that nice tube flavor. I've used it with ss and tube amps equally well. Has remote for those that like that. Uses (2) 12??7 version tubes so tube rolling is not that expensive versus some other models. Be sure to get the Signature version as it sounds better than the standard version. Does have built in phono section (which I know your not looking for) but the phono section is not that good. The value here is the line stage section. Signature version is probably worth about $700 or so depending on tubes included. A good value and they appear to hold their value here on Agon.

Thanks for the advice. I've also seen CJ PV-5 and PV-6 preamps advertised here. I wonder how they stack up. But CJ is a brand that I see recommended in threads here repeatedly. I hadn't heard of TAD before. I'll check it out. Thanks again.
I've never heard CJ myself - just going by many, many user comments. Per the seller his '11' model/version is supposedly much better than the lesser models. A pre is so critical in the system. Spend the extra $100 > $200 to get a good one so you won't need to upgrade later.
Maybe seller would go down a bit.
Also, there's a TAD 150 posted, not sure if it's a signature model though. Maybe he'd go down on price.
Good luck!!!
If we are stretching things, the MFA on here a few days ago will eat the CJ for lunch.

I notice that there are a few MFA Magus pre's available right now. I'll have to check them out.
Check the input impedance of your amp, it's pretty low I think. It won't be a good match for most tube preamps.
Yeah the input impedence is 10K Ohms. Not sure what that means, though.
10Kohm is pretty low. Tube preamps fare better when the input impedance is 50Kohm or higher.
Hmmmm... I hope that doesnt' mean I'm screwed and can't use a tube preamp! I'll check with Bel Canto.
Ended up with a Manley Shrimp tube preamp which I got at a good price here. It has an output impedance of only 50 ohms, so it'll drive the Bel Canto just fine. I'll report back when it's all hooked together. Thanks for the advice, y'all.
I've owned CJ amps and Pre's.PV series is cheap built is noisy.Spend on better series and they are winners and since you've bought this is for others.I would have suggested an Audible Illusions is well designed and didn't changed for years and was a wildly popular as 3A and 3 and 3B were good as well.But Manley is good stuff.Post what you think.

Yes, I'll report back. Power amp arrived today and preamp should be here within a week or so.
Report: the Manley Shrimp sounds fantastic with the BC S300! Open, airy and dimensional. Recommend this combo highly! :-)