Need budget recommendations to complete my HT.

Here is what I have so far.

(2) B&W 300 Series Bookshelfs. I dont know the exact model number, as I bought them about four years ago and the model number can not be found on the speaker itself. They seem similar in size and features to the DM303s.

(1) Energy XLS-10 Powered Subwoofer.
(1) InFocus X1 Projector


I definitely need:
(1) DVD Player w/ audio quality being important, but video being more important.
(1) A/V Receiver (5.1 is plenty, 6.1 is over-doing it, 7.1 is completely unnecessary)
(2) Rear Surround Sound / Satelite speakers.

I may also go with:
(1) Center Channel Speaker
(1) Seperate Amplifier (and use A/V as pre-amp) - but remember this is a budget system.

Things to keep in mind:
- The InFocus accepts up to 1080i via 15pin VGA (I have an adapter that converts component to VGA)
- The InFocus features the Faroudja processor.
- The room is a small living room
- I will be using the HT for the following purposes:
60% Console & PC Gaming
20% DVD Movies
20% Music Listening
- I listen to mostly techno or other hard-bass hitting tunes - however I enjoy vocals so having good sounding vocals is very important.

Hope thats enough info to make some recommendations!

Thanks ahead of time for helping me out!
You might try and find 3 B&W DM303s to have matching speakers all around. The 303 is small enough to mount vertically on a small stand as a center channel.

If you're happy with 5.1, you can probably find a good deal on one of the older Denon or Yamaha recievers here on Audiogon.
Rsuminsby - Are there any particular models by Denon or Yamaha that you recommend? Is it worth it on a budget system to get a pre-amp A/V unit and an external amp - or should I just get an A/V w/ amp built in?


Still need some recommendations for DVD player as well...was gonna post on videogon, but looks like they dont have any forums similar to these :(
I agree with Rsuminsby. Get something like a denon 3801 receiver and the B&W's all around. Don't skimp on a dvd. Technology changes too fast. Buy a denon 2200 for around $500 and you should be future proofed for a long time.
Definitely like the Denon 2200 after reading its specs., but I'm not for sure on the Denon 3801. Assuming the 3801 you're refering to is the same as the Denon 3803 listed on their site, the differences between the 3803 and 2803 don't seem worth it. The only critical differences I saw were:

1. The 3803 has Burr-Brown PCM-1791 192kHz DAC vs. the 2803 which only has a 96kHz DAC.

2. The 3803 pushes 100w/channel while the 2803 only pushes 90.

Are 1 & 2 worth an extra $400?

Also, since I'll be working with a Gamecube, Playstation, XBOX, and the DVD, I was hoping to have enough component in's for these guys (4 total). I really have no need to composite or s-video in, nor do I ever plan on having that need.

Is there a receiver with similar quality to the 2803/3803 that supports 4 component video inputs?
Concur with A/V reciever like the Denon 3801 would be a great start on a budget. With the B&Ws, you wouldn't need more than about 100w/channel at most. Another great reciever is the B&K AVR305, for a little more cash. I can't recall any specific model numbers of Yamaha units, but they have produced some solid recievers. You might check out to check out various models and get opinions on ergonomics, which is one of the big factors (I think) on lower priced gear.
Rsuminsby: I checked up on the B&K system and I think that's a bit out of my league in terms of $ and quality. I enjoy quality music and video, but I am definitely not an audiophile.....yet. Any Marantz receiver recommendations? I'm told they're in between Denon and B&K in terms of quality.
Any of the Marantz "SR" series if you can find them. I had the SR-19. Upgraded to the B&K 307.
NAD...good bang for the buck in my opinion