Need budget CHEAP speaker cables

I'm in need of inexpensive speaker cables/wire for my entry level system. Currently, they'll go between a Tandberg 2075 and some Bose bookshelf speakers (which I got for free). I'll later be upgrading to B&W 3xx, 6xx, Paradigms, or something similar.

Over at head-fi, Blue Jeans Cables are often recommended. Any thoughts on those? Or would Monster be fine for this? Other ideas?

Canare 4s11 is an excellent inexpensive speaker cable. The best part of it is that even when you upgrade your system you will likely still get excellent results. IMHO this is a benchmark cable and while you may be able to get 'better' it may just be different and will surely cost a lot more. I've never used Blue Jeans, but the Monster (assuming that your talking about the stuff in clear covered copper wire that looks like oversized lamp cord is IMHO not much if any better than plain old lamp cord. Din't waste you money. FWIW.
I concur with the Canare 4S11 suggestion.
I would suggest the Home Depot Extension Cord DIY cables that have been discussed extensively over the last couple of years. Do a search here or at AudioAsylum and you'll find plenty of information. They were even positively reviewed by one of the big mainstream Audio mags.

I have a pair and they sound pretty darn good in my high resolution system. They are not the ultimate in resolution, but they are good enough for your current system and the ones you propose for the future.

I think the cable cost about $15. Cut off the ends, cut two sections to length, strip the ends. There are 3 conductors, so connect 2 of them together (white/green) connect to the negative post then connect the remaining black wire to the positive post. If you want, you can add bananas or spades, but it's a waste of money IMHO.

Any 10 or 12 Ga. wire will work fine, contrary to audio myth.
Radio Shack (Pro)........seriously.
This was just posted a few days ago in a similar thread, and is definitely worth reading:

The gist of it is that provided you buy decent quality copper with sufficient gauge for the length of cable run, then there's no reason to spend big $$ on speaker wire.

I know my recent switch to $15/metre Kordz cable made no difference from the cheap 18AWG stuff I'd been using, and all my gear is "entry-level" too.
Home Depot THHN electric cable. They have it in bulk rolls. You cut your own, so you can get any length you want. They have various gauges also.
It turns out Blue Jeans actually sells Canare 4S11 cable, while also offering Belden 5000 series cable. I had forgotten this. Anyone have any thoughts on the Belden?

I may also look into the Home Depot option.

Thanks for the suggestions. Please keep them coming, if anyone has anything to add.
There are many option available. You could buy the affordable Blue Jean cables, Canares,Signal Cables, Zebra Cables or make your own Home Depot or 6MoonAudio Lightning Cables from Wal Mart. You can also buy Military Spec Cable and/or the Speltz type.
Go with Paul Speltz anti-cables. Many folks are trading in their $1000+ cables for these gems. These have been the best balanced cables I've heard.
I am using Belden 10 AWG speaker cables from Blue Jeans, bi-wired. They have been working very well and sound quite neutral. They can pass through whatever differences I make upstream of them. VERY reasonable price, and nice people @ Blue Jeans. One end I connect raw to my B&Ws, the other ends I'm using either DIY Monster heavy spade lugs or DIY locking banans from Blue Jeans. Good sound and you don't have to re-mortgage your house like with so-called exotics.