Need budget Blu-ray with HDMI + composite outs

I'm looking for a budget Blu-ray DVD player for my sister's home. It will need to feed an LCD tv over her fireplace in one room via an HDMI cable and will also need to feed her SD tube tv in her bedroom via composite audio and video cables. The two rooms share a common wall. She's ok bouncing between rooms using one remote as she operates the player. I like the Panasonic DMP-BD60K but it lacks composite outs. Any suggestions?
The Sony BDP S360 has them. On sale at Sonystyle right now for $229.
The SD TV in the bedroom won't benefit from blu-ray because the high definition signal can't be transmitted over composite, and it doesn't sound as if that TV could display the high def signal anyway. I would suggest simply buying a separate inexpensive DVD player for the bedroom for convenience sake. Not being able to use the remote for the player in the room where the TV is located would be a huge annoyance.