Need "BTDT" help with Logic DM-101 bearing

Hi All,
(comment: no turntable topic/area?  really?)
I'm looking to find someone with enough experience to either guide me away from trouble or assure me none exists as I try to fix a problem with my old Logic DM-101.  Basically, the ball bearing that provides a point contact at the bottom of the spindle easily gets off center.  I'm trying to understand 1) why?, 2) how to remedy and 3) can i simply take the bearing out of the sub-chassis and work on it more easily.
One would think the ball would fit in the sleeve and not move. Not true!  Apparently there is a cavity down there and it can move off center, causing small but sometimes audible wow.
PM me if you like or reply here.  TIA,  -G

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Hi itsjustme.My extensive solution to your bearing problem was not posted 21/02/20 for some reason. This site is inconsistent. I have given up after 2nd attempt.Steve.