Need best mid-price ICs for new ss M/C amp...

Actually, I am most concerned about the 3 front channels. I don't feel the surrounds need nearly as good ICs. I should also say that I use the same system for two-channel CD and phono listening. I don't really have the funds or room for another dedicated 2-channel system, so I have to compromise. The M/C amp I purchased has 5 mono sections and is supposed to be decent enough for me.

When I got the amp, I picked up a set of five Blue Jeans Cables' Belden 1505 ICs, for about $80, and I think I ordered them too long at 2 meters. I only need .5 to 1 meter ICs.

But I am now wondering if significant improvement can be made in terms of clarity, openness, soundstaging, and bass impact and articulation. I don't feel my speakers(Legacy Sig IIIs) are sounding as good on movies or music as they should.

Being a fairly new inquisitor of ICs, the sheer number of choices is bewildering.

From extensive reading here and on AA, a couple of options that are coming to the forefront are the Chris Ven Haus Pulsars and the Cardas 300B. I know there are scads of other options, so any suggestions/recommendations much appreciated.

Since I live in a more rural area, with no hi-end audio shops closer than 100 miles, I guess I am kind of looking for the most "sure-fire" product(s) that are known to sound good with most any amps/pre-amps.

Thanks much in advance.
The Kimber line of interconnects is very good, and has excellent compatibility with almost every brand of audio component. If you want to keep the cost reasonable, consider the Kimber Hero interconnects.

Another good choice is the Alpha-Core Goertz line of interconnects. I've been very satisfied with their TQ2 model, which is slightly more expensive than the Kimber Hero.

If you are willing to buy used cables, you might want to check out "". For new cables, one of our long-time A-gon members known as "Disco" (aka Scott) offers very good prices. His E-mail address is:

Dh Labs interconnects are excellent for the money and reasonably easy to find online or used. I've had both the BL-1 and the Air Matrix and found them to be very nice sounding, well-made cables.
I find myself in the same situation. I've recently purchased a set of 5 BJ cables for my NAD S170/S250 combo and haven't yet decided if I am content with the cabling. Does anyone have advice on how long the BJ cables take to settle down? I am finding myself irritated with harsh treble and a forward sound that I never noticed with my equipment.

Advice on burn in time may be helpful to Mtrot as well as myself.
I have been very happy with my Acoustic Zen WOW interconnects and Epoch speaker cables. They have worked very well with several different configurations in my home. Definiely smoother and more detailed than others I have had in my system. I did not have a dealer in my area, so the company sold them to me direct! Great company IMO. These are the least expensive cables from Acoustic Zen. As always you may be able to find them used.
Well, I have had a set of Tara Labs RSC Prime ICs around the house for some time, and, on a hunch, I replaced the center channel Blue Jeans cable with the Tara. Wow, I noticed an immediate improvement in the clarity of dialog in movies, which was my biggest problem.

So, yes, the Blue Jeans can definitely be improved on. I will now find something to replace them for the other channels. I am now looking at Audio Art cable and some others.
Well, I have now tried out a couple of ics in addition to the Taras. The first is a set of Audio Art IC-1s, and the second is a set of Paul Speltz Anti-cables ics.

The primary adjective I would pick to describe the Audio Art is smooth, especially in the mid range. Vocals and instruments sound great. The highs and lows are there as well. I would say they give up a little of HF extension to the Taras, but are better in the mids.

The Speltz Anti-ics best qualities are clarity, soundstaging, and coherence. Everything just seems so clear and defined.

Right now, I have the anti-ics on my front L/R and a Tara Labs on the center speaker. I plan to get some more of the Speltz soon.