Need best albums from Widespread Panic?

Recently heard this group on Austin City Limits and would like to buy some of their albums, but I am not familar with what they have out or are available.
So, the newest SpreadHead is born, huh? Good for you!

"Don't Tell The Band" is terrific (and in HDCD!!) - I snagged a copy off for $5.00 as I remember. (It's $1.99 right now, doh!!) "Ball" is also highly regarded by many. I have "Ain't Life Grand", but I don't like that as much - those songs appear on several live shows and sound much better live. I *do* like "Panic In The Streets" a live CD release. Also, there are a number of their shows available for (free) download from the BitTorrent, go get some:

In addition, I have a couple of VERY good sounding shows I snagged from another source (nothing illegal, just hard to find) and I'd be willing to burn you a copy if you email me with you address. The "Expression College" show is one of the BEST live recordings I have ever heard...

Sample before buying, there are some that I personally wouldn't own and I really like the group.

My personal favorites are Night of Joy and Another Joyous Occasion. Both are live and panic is joined by Dirty Dozen Brass Band.
Check out "Live in the Classic City" recorded live during a 3 night run in their hometown of Athens, GA 4/1-3/2000 If this does not spark your interest in their catalog..nothing will.
Go out an get "Everyday" that CD is one that I use as a reference disc when making changes to my rig. It is their best studio effort & wonderfully produced. A reall rock & roll album. No frills, just Panic
Don't Tell the Band
I personally feel that their first album, Space Wrangler (1988), is their best studio effort. It really cathces the essence of the band. Widespread is one of those bands whose music is far better live than in the studio, they just don't seem to be able to bottle the magic properly.

Their live shows are 3-4 hour rocking festivals of music where you would have to be a corpse to stay in your seat. I've seen them ~7-10 times in the last decade and always had phenominal time.
Space Wrangler is my favorite.
For all you Mikey fans out there, make sure you pick up a copy of "Sandbox"