Need BAT Help PLEASE VK-6200 vx VK-600 for 2 Chan

My need is for 2-channel only. I just started the purchase of a VK-6200 for 2 channel music only. I put a deposit down and was happy with the amp until my friend ratted me out and told me I should not buy this amp and it is only good for HT and I should just pay more and get the VK-600. The VK-600 is $2300 more and I really don't have the money but I don't want to make a mistake and buy the VK-6200 if it is a mistake and it is really just a HT amp. I read good things about the VK-6200. I have bought a nice used pair of Wilson Sophia 2's. I have a CAT SL-1 Signiture MK3 preamp and a PS Audio Direct Stream DSD DAC and the cables are Carda's Clear. Can you CAT folks please please give me some feedback please. Is the VK-6200 a good amp? Will it drive my Speakers IYO. Is the VK-600 that much better? Please any and all feedback will be deeply appreciated. Thank you very much !!!!
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Anyone BAT folks out there that can help please??
The one big drawback that I can see is that Wilson doesn't allow for biamp or biwire. If they did you could use 4 channels on your new amp. Still, it should sound OK, but it does seem like an odd choice for a 2 channel only system.
Thank you ZD42. I bought the BAT VK-600. Actually traded my Manley Snappers and some cash. Loved the Snappers but just not enough for my Wilson's in my big old 21 x 21 room. Thanks for the input it helped ...
That's a great choice. If you haven't heard it yet, you're in for a real treat. Hard to do better than a VK-600.