need balanced tube preamp used

Hey guys, I used to have Neo 500 and was not too happy with them, I used them through McIntosh MCD1100 sacd/  preamp  and obviously that was a big problem, now I have Manley 240's and Jadis DPL and I am very happy. I need replace Jadis because of the brum noise from my Tannoy Westminsters, I need balanced preamp, any sugestions? Jadis sounds great, maybee Jadis JPS8? Or perhaps McIntosh 2500? I like to spend up to $6000 for used. Any sugestion for some great preamp?
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Not sure what you mean by "brum" noise--are you sure it's from the preamp and not the amp's transformer?  If you're talking just about noisy tubes in the preamp, maybe changing the tubes will eliminate the noise.  If you really want a balanced preamp, Jadis is a tough one to beat, another possibility would be BAT, which is a true balanced preamp.
You might be able to find one of our MP-1 preamps used for that price. The MP-1 is fully differential and balanced and historically was the first balanced line preamp made. It has a direct-coupled output and so can drive loads that most tube preamps can't (headphones for example).

Hi RCPrince

 As another option to consider, the Musica Bella Lusso preamp is available for half the retail price here on AudioGon and should meet all your requirements and more.

Disclaimer: I am associated with Musica Bella

thanks for sugestions, I love Jadis sound and I am afraid I may not getting this type of sound from other brands, so I will try to get balanced Jadis preamp perhaps Jadis JPS8 
How about Einstein,BAT VK50se, Audio research REF3 or 5SE? I can get these úreamps used in Europe right now.
The ARC preamplifiers are really terrific.
i agree with ralph.

i am amazingly happy owner of atma-sphere mp-3mkiii pre coupled with m-60 mono-blocks. fully balanced. and amazingly happy means i am done trying to improve components--and am back to spending money on just collecting music (well, as soon as i complete my synergistic research power cable, interconnect, speaker cable, tesla powercell campaign). 

and ralph gives great advice. and amazing customer support, too. 

and made in usa. 


+1 to what quigs22 stated about Ralph at Atmasphere... he provides AMAZING customer service and his products are just phenomenal.