Need B&W HTM1 D to finish my system. Suggestions?

Nearly completed a small (over the top), extremely soundproof room and need 1 last, increasingly hard to fine speaker to be done. That would be a B&W HTM1 D for the center channel. Have a B&W HTM1 as a temporary speaker, and while sounding good, it must have it's input set low relative to the rest of the room, to keep form being smoked. Anthem Statement D2 pre-processor driving (3) Bryston 28B-SST (1000 watt monoblocks), driving B&W 800D's (front L & R), and the 3rd Bryston driving the "final" center channel. The HTM1 D is the perfect match. Any suggestions on where I might find one. Or does any one have any suggestions on another speaker with the sound characteristics of the B&W HTM1 D, the power handling capacity, and decibel generating capabilities as well. For me it is all about hitting or exceeding concert volume, while maintaing studio clarity. Thanks for any help!
I thought I was the only one. I've been searching for an htm1d and have found two on audiogon but the wrong finish. I need natural cherry to finish my system. Good luck.