Need audiophile friendly, audio experienced electrician in Chicago area

I'd like to have three dedicated 20 amp lines run to my listening space. Can anyone recommend an audiophile friendly electrician with audio related experience in the Chicago area? I have some sense of what I would like done but it would help to have an electrician with prior experience dealing with audio related power issues. Thank you.
Hi Funthings - i live in Lake Bluff which is 40 miles straight north of downtown Chicago.
Last month I had an electrican named Eddie from Ferrer Electric 224-944-1511 come to my house to install a new 20 amp circuit including beefier wiring and dedicated 20 amp plug.  The stereo space is in my basement.  The existing wiring was a 5 plug circuit, 4’of which were in the upstairs dining room and the last of which was the receptacle in the basement.  Eddie and his assistant ended up pulling new wires through all existing outlet boxes to reach the target basement box.  In the end i got a dual  receptacle with a 15 amp dual plug outlet and a 20 amp outlet. The job was originally scheduled to last all day and cost $1k, however it took them about 5 hrs and cost around $600 something,’i don’t remember exactly.  They are on Angela’s List.  Eddie couldn’t be a better guy.  The cost was not cheap, but I’m still getting used to the much higher trade prices in Chicago vs Houston
Also. I supplied the 20 amp outlet.  It was supposedly treated with some sort of Nicola Tesla type of treatment and cost about $100.  
I don't know why people think you're going to automatically get a ground loop with more than one dedicated circuit to your audio equipment. I'm using 4 dedicated circuits for mine without any noise. It would be hard to plug everything into one circuit with my source and preamp about 15' away from my amp and speakers.
8044drussell - if our post is directed at me, then the answer is there are 2 sets of different gauge thickness wires in the circuit.  The 20 amp circuit and receptacle are using the thicker gauge wire and a new 20 amp breaker.  Everything else uses normal 15 amp hardware and breaker
Thanks for the reference grambo, I'll check it out.

The "one line not three" post was directed at me. I mention three lines in my original post. Which way is the best way? I don't know. That's why I'm looking for an electrician with experience doing this sort of hi-fi audio electrical work.
I can ask my dealer at Simply Stereo in Palatine.  I was going to call him anyway on another matter