Need Audio/Video Inputs and Remote Volume ONLY

I am experimenting with a simple video system with an LCD projector in my bedroom.

Don't yet have the time or the budget to do a full blown "home theatre" set up, so I am using a pair of powered Genelec studio monitors on each of two bedside tables.

They sound pretty good and are designed for near field listening, which helps at low levels at night.

The problem, however, is I have no easy way to switch audio and video sources from my three inputs of HDTV cable box, DVD player and X-Box console or to adjust the volume, other than manually on each powered monitor.

So I was wondering:

Is there a decent, yet inexpensive HT receiver, that could accomodate my video and audio inputs but give me LOW LEVEL outputs WITH REMOTE VOLUME adjustment so I can continue to use the powered monitors?
Thank you.
Do you need component video switching for all of your sources? Can't say that I've seen many AVRs or Pre/pro that are inexpensive and have three component (or DVI or HDMI) inputs. If you just need something for composite or s-video, there are numerous used ProLogic pre/pros from the early 90s that will work and be very inexpensive.
Also, do you need to be able to switch hi-definition sources? I see you cited at least one HDTVsource. IS your projector 720p or higher? Hi-definition will limit your choices somewhat.
Sounds like you will need a pre/pro at least. You might luck out if both your DVD player and HD CB have DVI, you could use an extron, of more likely a Gefen DVI switcher for the video... you could hopefully use the TV and a decent universal remote to switch video into the TV (X Box doesn't have DVI yet, likely never will).

The audio is tougher, you could do something like I said, and deal with the video that way, then just get a remote control 2 channel pre amp and use it to switch the audio, again this setup will require a decent universal remote... not anything extreme, but say a harmon at least...

thank you so much --

3 component inputs would be very nice, yes.

I am just cobbling this system together, so

I have an old Sony 9000 ES with the thin tray and the blue light DVD player....the X-Box console supposedly projects some games in HD and therefore has some 3 plug componenet adapter kit....and the cable box is probably the most legitimate source for HD on a few channels....

And the projector is new and definitely HD capable.

But open to suggestions.

On reflection, I suppose I am trying to take a 5.1 or 7.1 world and make it 2 channel in the true spirit of Audiogon. I really don't want 5 or 7 cheesey cheapo amps, subwoofer or even surround sound processing.

It would just be nice to switch video sources and control volume.

Any specific suggestions for old school pre/video switchers would also be great.