Need atvise


At the monet i have the possibility to sel my Voyd, Can´t figur out shut i do it?

Is time running from my voyd, or shut i kept it.

I cant get new motores, so in some way it going to be useless when the motores don´t work.

What shut i replace it with?

Kindy regarts
go into the voyd floyd, through the magick myrror and give it to the smoking cat a pillow, only he can clear all the men from the cheese board.

Leave the motores running in an unmarked sweetcase at station 2 stations unchequed bagged lunch.

A boy nimrod Sue will gulliver you what you sheik.

is that clear ?

all in goot fund


Listening to Wide Rabbid-Effercent Earplain-Grunt Recordz #1 with a Bullet

Turntable made by Guy Adams in the UK.

Mine is the orginal. The motors Audio note uses in the new turntable I can not use. Pabst do make motors for Voyd any more.

Audio note make it now pris for the new turntable pris is 32967$
The name is: Audio note The TT3

you don't sell a voyd, for any amount of money. its better than the newer derivitive tt3 for way too much money.
Wryght on Groovey...

The motores will keep on running for at leaste another 100 years my fwriend!! Keep it and enjoy it!


Dat wus the funnyest ting I reed all Yeer. Tanks so mush
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