Need ATSC - QAM - HD TV Tuner for 720P HT FP

I'M not finding much more than sketchy info on quality ATSC tuner/receivers used primarily for OTA HD TV and/or CATV applications, in the current 2011 market.

The only ATSC tuners I've ran across which seem to be noteable and available are from Channel Master 7000/7001, Cintronics ZAT , P/N DCT102 , and a couple of names I've never even heard of! Some of which are listed but said to be no longer available. Kworld for example is listed but unavailable at Amazon.

My intention is for use with an older analog TV set, and of course the BenQ projector.

I'd go out via RF or RCA/S Vid, for the analog TV and HDMI for the BenQ FP, and TOS to a processor.

I’d probably also go off for a rotor antenna… eventually. But use my std outdoor ant for now.

if possible.... being able to connect this tuner/receiver to a LCD pc monitor would be great too as I've a couple of these VGA and DVI laying around doing nothing.

Anyone who can shed some light on this situation for me as to which are quality products, current issue, etc., I'd be quite grateful.

Nobody HERE IS s using a Over the Air HD TV tuner for their hd projector or HD TV TUNER/RECEIVER?
Hello Blindjim,

Is your last name Rebman?

I have one new in the box. It is made by ATI and is called the HDTV Wonder. It is an HD Tuner for a PC (or HTPC) and comes with a remote and an antenna.

I never got my dedicated home theater built and have no need for it. I think it was between $129 and $199 new and would let it go for $75. It looks like you can find a review on CNET if you are interested.

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Kevin Burke
audiopath on Audiogon
audiopath on Ebay

Thanks very much. I've seen those sorts too.

I want a stand alone box solution expressly for my projector, and an older analog TV with an NTSC tuner.

the six gen Channel Master and Cinnepro seem the ticket... and all of these list new for about $115 - $120. I'm inclined to go with the CM 7001 or P/N DCT 102, at this point. the CM and Cinnepro reputedly are identical apart from minor esthetic changes..

It/they have S vid, RCA, HDMI and ant pass thru, with TOS & RCA audio outs. Along with Qam and ATSC tuners, and remote control.

Thanks much though.

Anyone else know of better picks than I have posted here?
The cinnetronics 502 & Channel Master 7001 are by some accounts the same item in similar wrappings.

the Firebird DCT 210 seems a different bird... and all have HDMI, and all are in the same hat pricewise. $115 - $130.

I think I'm going to try the Firebird.