Need an " exciting sounding" digital cable

I have never experiment digital cable until tonight. It turn out my Kimber DV75 is a bit soft and smooth compare to a Naim DC-1. The comparison was made on the new Naim Dac and Audio Note Dac2.1 Balanced. Same result.

The Naim DC-1 is a small step toward the right direction. More definition, a little more spark, clearer bass while maintaining the natural warm of Kimber.

I wonder which cable should I try to make a bigger step for more exciting sound.
Stereovox has had nice PRaT in my systems. The Kimber d-60 is about the same cable only more expensive.
I notice you speak of "more spark, clearer bass". Nordost digital IC will do that. It won't maintain the natural warmth though: it will sound crisper.
MIT Proline Digital Reference won my trial of many digital cables. I was also surprised at how much of an impact changing digital cables has. As big as any other cable change if no bigger.
Thus far the best digital cord I have heard is the Synergistic Research D3,
There you have it, five different cables from five different posts! I suggested the Stereovox because I thought it in line with your Kimber at about $100 used. I do not know the relative prices of the others though. Richard Stacy's reply makes me wonder if I should do more experimenting...
4est, yes, opinions on everything in audio diverge sharply. You just have to hope that someone you trust has already gone through the pain of comparing the cables and reached a conclusion.

I think a charged cable makes a big contribution. I have another charged cable coming from Exemplar which may be the best yet.
tbg...i am not exactly sure if this is "charged" but a friend just got the acoustic revive and thinks highly of it.

4est...i highly recommend experimenting with different digital cables. it can be as dramatic as adding any other new component...easily. it was a very enlightening exercise for me. i was also surprised at how some of the most discussed cables did not sound quite as fine as i expected from all the hype.

do not get too caught up in it and forget to enjoy the music.
Richard, it is not charged, which is putting a potential on the shield to deal with RFI.

4est, I agree with Richard, but unfortunately experimentation is not at all easy. The Cable Store does afford some opportunity but carefully read what they expect of you.
tbg is is not easy! i did most of mine buying on audiogon and reselling. for the most part i broke even. a loss here and there but not too bad. in the end it was worth it to me as i really wanted to nail down that piece of my system. i as i talked about before, i think it is critical. i feel really confident about my final decision which is not the case for most of the stuff i buy!

tbg...i do not know what a potential is. i think the dvix has some sort of wired box that is suppose to negate the unwanted stuff. how technical is that explanation?! i just know he likes it. i have not heard it personally. this came after my final decision was made and i am not opening that can again for some time.
I think the VH Audio cryo Pulsar would qualify as an "exciting" digital cable, and it's reasonably priced. Punchy, smooth, detailed come to mind as adjectives.
Thank guys.

My plan is to try out your suggestion starting with the cheaper one. And keep moving up on the price range until I am content with the result.
ASI Liveline !!!!! I wonder how no one has mentioned this cracker of a digital cable. Full of life, full of sparkle, very neutral but never harsh. One really has to spend 4 times the money to even think of bettering in an absolute sense.
The Stereovox cable is almost ruthlessly revealing in my system, and it's not all that expensive so might be a good place to start. Best of luck.
The LAT DI-30 is bold, with good dynamics, soundstaging, and transparency. Plenty of bass. The Stereovox can be a a little closed in and bass shy in some systems.

The Pure Note Alluvion is another great cable. A pinch less exciting sounding than the LAT, but a little more transparent.