I 've just purchased a Hsu subwoofer, but I need a good outboard sub amplifier for it. what sub amplifier do you recommend and where can I get it.
I have a very good proton D1200 for the listings here.
Check out NHT's subwoffer amps, SW2 (120W) or SW3 (250W). You should be able to find them used for a fair price. Check this site, as well as
Hsu claims that their little 250W amp is specially adapted to work well with their subs. Price is not too terribly expensive by sub standards. BUT for some reason I have never seen one for sale on the used market.
The amp you need will obviously depend on the efficiecy of your sub. I plan on purchasing a Snell Type 1800 sub, a ported but nevertheless inefficient sub. I plan on purchasing an Ashly pro amp in the 1000W bridged area with MOSFET output devices; MOSFETs ae very good into the low frequencies. Also, you need to check out the power-handling of your particular sub; some units really crap out on power-handling at the very lowest frequencies. My motto, however, is this: excessive power is barely adequate.
2 Great Sub Amps are the RBH SAM 200 Sub Amp. Its 200 watt Sub Amp. Here's RBH Website. Also another good Sub Amp is the Meniscus. They make a 100 watt and 200 Watt Sub Amp. There real good to. Here's there website. Also someone on Audioreview commented on the RBH Sam 200 watt Sub Amp. Here's the review.
Norh has a great sub amp made specificaly to run a sub