Need an integrated with sub output.

I'd prefer a tubed integrated, but would settle for a solid state. Price range from $500 to $1400, but more importantly, one with the best sound quality bang for the buck. Naturally I'm not looking for an extravagant audiophile piece, just something with a nice sound in the mids and highs with a power output from 50 to 100 watts. Would consider lower wattage if SQ was at stake.


S. Hebert
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You basically need a preamp output for the subwoofer.

If your subwoofer can also be run off the speaker terminals (such as all REL models); you can use any integrated amplifier. I actually prefer the speaker terminal method for 2 channel music listening, assuming the sub can connect that way.

There are quite a few good integrated amps with pre-outs..

Disclaimer...I am a dealer....The Blue Circle CS Integrated can be custom ordered with pre-outs.

Quite of few nice Creek models have pre-outs. I am sure we can come up with a big list here.
The best tube piece I've had in a while is the Rogue the price it does everything I need as a one piece solution. Can be upgraded form 55wpc to 90wpc...and it's worth it! Comes w/ sub out (fixed and variable), phono and headphone amp to boot. Very hard to beat.

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Outlaw Audio RR2150. Its a receiver with 100 watts per channel. Check the online manual thats on the site.