need an integrated amp, only 700$ left..

Dear Philes, I recently purchased a pair of psb Stratus Bronze speakers and Marantz 67se CD. I need and amp/pre-amp or integrated and have 700$ left. What should I buy to make these psb's "sing" Thank you, Bennett
I listened to a Musical Fidelity A2 recently and was struck by its sweetness and musicality. Only 25W, but if that's enough for your speakers, I'd place a WTB ad. Audio Advisor has a bigger Musical Fidelity integrated, the A3, I believe, and your $700 is about right. Again, a WTB ad might help.
I like MF integrated myself. But, be careful in matching up with your speakers! I believe PSB's are little bit on "laid-back" side? Try MF, and return it if not at your liking (audio advisor is good about it)I would also suggest Linn Majik. Also very "musical" and would be good "fit" to PSB's. Both are "tumbs-up" me... Good Luck!
Bennet I just purchased a pair of the bronze speakers and a NAD C317 Integrated...what a fantastic integrated. 80 plus watts per channel and it sounds every bit as good as my old tube high end reference amp and preamp. Becareful of the other small integrated amps -- the bronze need the watts to control the bass. You will not find a better amp period. Call Soundcity at 800-888-5343 extension 709 and ask Ray for a good price. They retail for $750 but you can pick one up for around $600. You will not be sorry, this is one heck of a piece of gear. Enjoy the excellent sound.
It would have to be a used one, but check out the Audio Refinement Complete Integrated Amp. Cost $999.00 new. The Complete has a value amp type sound for solid state. It is Stereophile and Inner Ear Report Recommended. For a British sound check out the Creek 4330. It is about $595 for the remote model new. Cheaper without remote. For a little more try the Creek 5250. New Pre/Power Separates new for $700 is tough. Cound check out the Cambridge Audio C500/P500 Combo for around $600. $60 more gets you a nice phono stage. Good luck.
Any of the following would do well, I think, provided you can located used ones: 1. Quad 34/44 preamp with Quad 405-2 power amp (100 wpc). 2. Classé CAP 100 3. Any of the others recommended above.
Go tubes. Look into a Jolida 502A. This 60 WPC integrated amp can be had used for about $500 to $600 used, and is one of the best ways to get that tube magic without busting your wallet. I have had one for about 4 years, it sounds fantasic and is very relyable.
Do not pass Go, Go directlt to the Creek A4330 ($499) or A4330R ($599 with remote) and buy some software on the way home. Don't worry about it being 40 wpc and driving your speakers. I heard this amp play a pair of Totem Mani-2's which were right out of the box new. Anyone who knows this loudspeaker will attest that it is one of the hardest speakers on the planet to drive, and they take abot six months to break in properly. The Creek A4330 played them beautifully to quite amazing spl with sweetness and inner detail. Remember, The Creek is 100% made in England, some of the others mentioned items which are made in China and elsewhere. I don't think you can do better for (less than) your $700.
I would have to agree with the gentleman above, check out a used Audio Refinement complete integrated amp. The amp is rated at 50 wpc but I will have no problem driving your speakers. I have had mine for about 6 months and it is the best amp I have ever owned. It is a steal for 600-700. Good luck.
I concurr the the Audio Refinement recommendation. If you're willing to buy used or a demo unit I would recommend the Audio Anologue Puccini SE. At $312 the NAD C-340, available from from various sources, is hard to beat. Not as good as the previous recommendation, but damn good sound for dollar.
How about the Acurus DIA 100 MkII. Plenty of power and a bright sound that could liven up the laid back PSB's. These typically sell for 500-600 bucks used. Good luck.
ARCAM ARCAM ARCAM ARCAM!!!!!!!! Don't think twice go with arcam for the best integrated under $1000. They have several models that are within your budget. Just do it.
Definitely go British, 1)Musical Fidelity A3 2)Mission Cyrus 7 3)Roksan Caspian........I would choose these over NAD or Arcam. Get a copy of "What Hi-Fi" magazine they have many recommendations for integrated amps. BTW I have PSB Silver-i speakers, try listening to the Bronze without grill cloth
What Hi-Fi? Forget about it, it's shit magazine!
how would you compare arcam to NAD? the NAD 317 vs.Arcam's integrated 9?
Audio Refinement. YBA gear at a budget price. A littl more than $700.