Need an inexpensive phono stage

I know little about the world of vinyl but I'm looking to add a turntable to my current audio system which consists of a Peachtree Nova and OHM Walsh Microtalls. Is there a versatile sub-$150 phono stage I can get to use with the Nova and any inexpensive turntable?

For me I really enjoy the Cambridge Audio 640P Phono preamp with the turntables I've had/have. What is the TT and cart that you have with your associated gear you mention?
I second the Cambridge 640P. It's hard to beat in that price range.
After some research I think I'll probably go with the Musical Fidelity V-LPS Mk. II, although the 640P seems to be a close second. Right now I'm just using a super low-end AT LP60...I know, I know. I've just spent a lot on the amp, dac, speakers, cables and other assorted equipment, so the turntable will have to wait for an upgrade. However, right now I just want to get decent vinyl sound so I'm gonna grab a phono preamp for now.
Save up and get one for about $500 at that price point there are some really good ones.
Rolfs, (Bellari), for less than 100 bucks!!! It was matched to a Luxman PX 100 with a Clearaudio Classic Aurum cartdrige, played through an NAD C375BEE integrated amplifier ... that's before the Lux CA combo found their way into a vintage system ... sounded awesome!!! Rolfs, (Bellari) entry level kicks butt!!!
The Yaqin MS-11B or the tubed MS-22B.
If you're handy with a soldering iron the Hagerman Bugle would be very hard to beat for that sort of money.
I just ordered the Jasmine LP 2 in China for my second
system as upgrade for my NAD PP2 which was about $100 .
The NAD was recommended by Sterophile if I remember well.
The NAD is pretty good for the MM carts but not so for
the LOMC's.
2nd to Bellari! It has a great headphone jack as well.
Thanks for the responses! At this point I'll either pick up a Musical Fidelity V-LPS or Bellari, depending on which I stumble on first used. The Bellari VP129 looks really interesting to me, I think I'd go for that one.
I had the Bellari, and have a V-LPS. The V-LPS is so much better, and totally trouble free - which you can't say about the Bellari. The V-LPS is also switchable between MM and MC.
Parasound z phono pre-amp...............