Need an audio switch box - 2 sources/1 pr speakers

I have a simple music-only system set up in my computer room - a Rotel CD player, Sound Quest SQ-84 integrated tube amp and Cain & Cain Noogi speakers. I have been using headphones with my computer for web surfing, MP3 listening, that sort of thing, but would like to see if I could use my speakers for both my music system and my computer. The Sound Quest amp only has one source input, so I would need to get an audio switch box so I could switch between using my Rotel as source or my computer sound card. Is there a decent switch for this purpose, or would this just add noise to the signal and degrade the sound of my music system?

If the switch idea won't work, I will need to get some bookshelf speakers for use with my computer instead.

My budget is not a lot - about $300 max at this point. Any suggestions?

I see I won't be getting any responses to this post; my guess is that switches are not much approved of here. Just in case any one is interested, I purchased the Mapletree Audio LR1 line router. I should be receiving it in a couple of weeks. I am hoping it will do the trick for me. :-)


Switches are no problem. Ratshack has plenty. For $300 I probably would have gone for an airport express and wireless card for the PC and a passive analog summing box (RCA connection box with resistor network to couple analog outputs)...for the same money it would give you more flexibility (connect to any system in your house). The express has a pretty good D to A and excellent range. (Disclaimer: I have Mac's at home I am not sure how easy this is to do on a PC.)