Need an amp, either SS or tube, around $1000

to $1,400, new or used, to go with my ARC LS 2B Mk 2 Preamp and Vandersteen 2CE Signature speakers. I have adcom 100 wpc (GFA 545) 1990 vintage and a Rotel RCD 1070 CD player. Room is 13' x 23' x 8' high with carpet, 2 couches and fabric chairs. I like music a little on the loud side and listem to jazz and rock (like Jethro Tull, Roxy Music, Emerson Lake and Palmer).
If you can get a Krell ksa100 mk11 not the new ones. this amp soundstages like crazy and has a great bottom end. very smooth as well so it will make all your music very listenable. I have seen them anywhere from 1300 and up. good match for a tubed preamp.
How about an Aragon 8008BB or a Classe CA-200? Good, clean powerful 200 wpc amps that you should be able to get for between $1000-$1200 used. Either one would be a nice upgrade over a Adcom GFA 545.

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McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe
If you want SS, The BAT vk-200 mates nicely with the Vandys.
Good Listening!
I have Vandy 2CE sigs mated with Tube Audio Design 150 pre and the TAD-60 power amp. I have changed the power output tubes to EH 6CA7 which improves the imaging and soundstage. I have had the McCormack in my system but, the TAD-60 with its 60 watts per channel beat up on the McCormack. I do not know how a modded McCormack would compare. I listen to similar music as you do and, depending on the room size the TAD-60 has plenty of power. Price should be right around what you are looking for. The 2007 model has a larger power supply so it can handle higher peaks. Don't take my word for it. Read the reviews here in the review section. Also, very important with the Vandys, get yourself a good set of speaker cable. One suggestion is the MIT shotgun. I auditioned them in my house and they were a huge improvement over the Tara Labs prime bi wire. Unfortunately they were a bit pricey for me but, I did find some Chinese cables from a dealer here in Houston that compete very favorably with the MITs. The improvement in speaker cale added a whole new layer to the music. Vandys are very reactive and transparent I found...

Second for the McCormack DNA-1. Excellent amp stock and superb upgraded.

It would make the Vandy's sing and give you some change back from your $1400 for more tweaks.
New Jolida 1501 RC from underwood hi fi with a few mods. Great amp with more than enough power, tube pre-stage, remote, and great service from Wally.
Look at the OTO SE. 8 watts of pure tube heaven at a bargain price. It is very reliable, the tubes last 2-3 years and are cheap to replace. Plus lots of happy users out there, and reviews to read.

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