Need an amp and crossovers for JTR Noesis 212HTs

Hi all,

I ordered some Noesis 212HTs, and I need to find the right amp(s) for them. Jeff recommended looking at Emotiva and Parasound. I got recommendations for Wyred 4 Sound and D-Sonic. Last night I did some research and it looks like NCore and DAC Cherry are very highly regarded.

And I know some users don't think amps make too much difference. I'm not sure what the right solution is, but since the Noesis are so efficient, I'm thinking of buying the $25 T-amp in the video here: and using that till I can find the one I want. It might be good to have that anyway for comparative purposes.

I'm also thinking about either buying these crossovers, if I have to use RCA connections: or finding something like them for XLRs if the amp I want accepts XLR ins. I'm not going to use a receiver, and my software bass management isn't working properly, probably because I need a computer upgrade to use Virtual Audio Cable without pops and clicks. I can control levels with the DSP mixer for my soundcard.

Let me know what you think, thanks!