Need an affordable USB to coaxial adapter on a Mac

The Trends UD-1 lite looks nice, but ideally I'd like to spend under $100 for a simple USB to coaxial adapter that will be connected to my Peachtree Nova with my MacBook Air as the source. Thanks!
If you could find one used the first version of the Musical Fidelity V-Link works really well. The new version is supposed to be better but is more than your budget at $190.
slik, its says on the product description 'for windows'
Same product shows that it works with Mac
A Hagerman HagUSB is just slightly over your price range new, and certainly in your price range used.

I've had one for some time now and it's worked great.

Over your budget, but MHDT USBridge is under $200. Clearly a better product than most of the others mentioned, but certainly should be for the money.
Good Luck, Tim
I was able to snag the first-gen Musical Fidelity V-Link along with a Straightwire USB cable and Wireworld Ultraviolet digital cable for $115 shipped! Thanks all!
That should work really well for you and with those cables it's a real bargain. Congrats.
Thats a good score, im using the ha-info u2, i got it for only 30 bucks.