Need an advice about phono cable. RCA-RCA

I have Well Tempered Classic with Benz Micro Glider which I run through a Linn Kairn, Golden Tube SE-40 and Wandersteen 2CE and it sounds worse then my lousy Nakamichi CD player-2.
Probably I need to upgrade my cables- I'm using a cable which came with Music Hall MMF-7. Any suggestions how to improve sound of my system?

Thank You.

I would guess that the Music Hall cable is sheilded. Try to describe what sounds bad to you. If you just got this table they can take some getting used to setting up.I might be able to offer some help, I have had the original WTL table since they came out.
It sounds to me like there is something more than just cables being wrong. Have you set the VTA correctly? Is the cartridge loaded properly at the phono section? Is the cartridge worn out or something? The Well Tempered Classic should be sounding alot better than the Nak CD player. Something is wrong besides the cables.
I agree with TWL. There is no way a properly set up and functioning analog setup like yours can be beat by that CD player, even with lousy cables.

These arms are a bit unusual to set up but are capable of excellent sound. I hate to ask a stupid question but since I am unfamiliar with Linn models, does it have a phono stage?
Take a close look at the azimuth. You have a micro ridge type stylus on the Glider and will be quite sensitive to this adjustment. NOTE: ther is a "delay" effect when setting this due to the "goop". You can't set it and then walk away. You need to wait until it settels in and then slowly tweek it. You will need to make adjustment in small incraments and anticipate for the change until it is in the groove straight up and down. If this seems confusing just ask and I will try to explain this phenomenon further.
I'm certainly no where near as knowledageable as the others here, so I'll only chime in to add that when I received my new mmf-7, the cable was defective. I replaced it with a different cable and everything worked fine. Just a suggestion to try a different cable.

Good Luck! Mike.