Need amplifier advice for my setup

Hi Guys,

Was wondering if anyone can help me out here. I recently decided to upgrade parts of my sound system and realised that the sound is not as 'warm' and 'rich' as it used to be. Therefore I am thinking of changing my amp. Any advice on my setup? I am thinking of purchasing an NAD C340 amp I saw online...would this work? Thanks in advance for your time!!


My setup is:

Marantz CD 6002 cd player ( 1.5 year old)
Cambridge Audio Azur 640P Phono Preamp (1 month old)
Denon DP 29-F Turntable (whose in built pre-amp somehow sounds better that the CA 640P when running through my amp)
Sony TA F235R amp (60w and been around for 20 years..well loved but not the best I suspect)
Wharfedale Diamond 10.2 ( 2 months old)
Inexpensive 4mm halogen free copper cables (1.5m each)
Exposure 2010S integrated, Signal Cable copper speaker cables.
The Cambridge 640 is nice but the built in Denon may simply be a better match. Nothing wrong with that.
As far as amps go, nice little speakers but fairly inefficient(86db). If your room is medium to large in size or you like to rock, stay at least at 60 watts/channel. Keep in mind that you have to double your wattage to go up 3db. What does that mean-by going from 60 watts to 100 probably won't be an audible difference.
Personally, I'd go for quality of quantity. What is your budget? Room Size? Do you like it loud?
Hi guys! I would go for quality too...I have a tiny room as I live in Singapore. Its 4m by 4m and I have a large bookshelf against one of the walls. I am sitting about 2.5m away from the console. I cant really listen to it loud as my baby's room is just next door. I listen to a variety of music and jazz, folk, funk, blues, electronica sound nice on my system but whenever there are more instruments in the music it starts to get really muddy and it really frustrates me. Therefore rock/indie/metal music seems to be very much less enjoyable.
My budget is less than $400 bucks for a used one. Oh my the way should I try to sell my CA 640P away or wait till I get my Project Debut III in December?
Oh by the way...does the speakers cables being so thick have any kind of detrimental effect on the system? Thanks!!