Need amp suggestions for Totem-based setup


I am building a mulit-channel system based around Totem speakers (Arros for mains, Mite-T for center and surrounds) plus a ACI Titan 2 sub. I have decided to go with a mid-level AV receiver (Denon 3802 or similar) as a pre/pro along with a multi-channel power amp. The Totems are a somewhat difficult load (4 ohms and not very efficient, the Arros are 86 db). Any amp suggestions, or features to look for, in the $1500 +/- range are greatly appreciated.

Sherbourne 5/1500 sounds great with my Totem Tabu's
forget it- not enough $$. I have 5 Totem Mani-2's in my HT system, and use the Theta Dreadnaught (400 wpc into 4 ohms- ~ $6k) with good success. Save up and spend more $$ on a better amp- you won't be disappointed