Need Amp recommendation

Hello. I am looking for a amp recommendation to pair with my Rogue 99 Magnum preamp and Magnepan 1.6s… something in the modest range, say $400 to $500 (used) or less. Previously used a Rotel and would do so again, but feel there are better options out there.


I would immediately think used Rotel as a budget option. Not sure it is likely to get a better option in that price range.

$500 or under will be tough. If you are patient and willing to stretch just a little, the Parasound A23 can be found for $600 or so. 

An Aragon 2004 will drive them just fine and can be had at your budget if you are patient as well. The issue with them is they are getting a little long in the tooth. 

Nothing close in that range......800 bucks might get you in to a used odyssey stratos extreme which will drive them if you are lucky enought to find one. I have one sitting in the closet as a back up. They put out 300 w per channel into 4 Ohms.

Used it to drive 1.7 for a year while I saved up the cash for the new amp I wanted.(Bryston 4B3)



There is a B&K 4420 amp listed on US Audio Mart right now for $500. 225 wpc @ 8/350 wpc @4.

That is a good deal, looks good, and I think B&K are really nice ‘sweet’ sounding amps. Wish I had kept mine as a back-up for my old Belles 400A.