Need amp recommendation

Buying the Totem Staff floorstanding speakers for my living room and using the Multiroom Zone feature (speakers 6 asnd 7) on my Marantz SR 8200 home theater system. What TYPE of amp would be best to drive them. I am confused with all the different types of amps- integrated, preamp, power amps. Can someone provide some clarity to a novice? I am using it for mostly background listening.

I assume your HT is not in the living room,correct?You just want to hear music in the LR?You don't really need another amplifier to do what you are sugguesting,of course you can use one if that's what you want to do(and I feel it would be a benefit to add a power amp).I did a quick online scan through your manual and it is very thorough and pretty straight forward on how all this works together.Spend some time and read thru it,especially the sections on multi room hook-up.Personally,I would stick with Marantz equipment if adding another amp,but that's just me.They have spent lots of time and money on R&D to get their products to work together.Some of the home theater guys here on Audiogon can probably give you more detailed advice on your questions.I really stress the need for you to read your manual and become very familiar with your equipment.Good luck and good listening!!!
A Pre-amp boost the signal from the source (CD, LP, etc) and relays this to the Amp which amplifies to 50, 100, 250, 500 watts depending on your power level. An integrated means that the Pre-amp and Amp is combined in one chassis. So, one piece of gear instead of 2 or 3. You can get an amp that handles both channels (L and R) OR an amp that does only one (mono). You would need 2 for stereo. Many believe that a 2 channel system is better for crirical listening, compared to a home theater processor/amplifier. Some home theater processors ONLY process the different encodings (dolby, dts, 7.1, etc) and need a separate amp for each channel. Others have both the processor AND 5, 6, 7 channel amps integrated within one chassis. Some cuckoo brains have a separate amp for each, L, R, surrounds, etc. Disclaimer: cuckoo brains in no way infers to any one or more people resembling any members here on AudiogoN, or any other high end audio forum site. Any resemblence to one or more cuckoo brains is purely a coincidence, and will therefore prevent my comments from being rejected from the forums. There, I should be OK now.