Need Amp Rec. for Paradigm 100 v3 & Zen Adagio

I have Paradigm 100 V3 and Zen Adagios set up side by side in stereo. I am running both with a Sansui AU 1100 which is 110 Watts per channel. It sounds pretty good but I would like better. The Zens are great speakers but a little dull by themselves, especially with rock, unless the recording is spectacular and the V3s don't have the voicing of the adagios but together they sound better than separate on most music. The Sansui has a nice warm sound and I prefer warmth over cold and neutral. I am thinking about a tube amp powerful enough to run both sets (88-89 db). I want to stay under 1500 new or used. I am not afraid of Chinese tubes. Anybody have any ideas?