Need amp match advice to drive Eggleston Andras

I'm new to this sight and to the world of "high-end" audio gear - so much equipment, so little time, and so few places (that I'm aware of) to audition it.

I would like some experienced thoughts and advice on which amps, or amp characteristics, may or may not work well with a pair of Eggleston Andras (not the Andra II's.) They are currently amp-less. I have only heard them through a Krell FBP 300c and ML 39 CD, which was used when I auditioned them in a fellow audiophiles home.

My thoughts so far are Krell 300c, Pass Labs X-250 or X-350, Classe CAM 350's.

I think the speakers will need juice, and the mids (so I have been told) are unique in the Eggleston somehow, that the amp goes directly to them?? and that they are responsible for a much larger frequency range than most other speakers’ mids. Don't know if that matters? They are 8-ohm speakers.

My amp criteria:
1) 3k to 5k (used/demo)
2) SS (I like the idea of tubes, but think they may be cost prohibitive to get the power I will need to get the low-end frequency presence that I desire from the Andras.)
3) Flexibility to work well with either an SS or a Tube pre-amp.
4) Easily accessible through US dealers and Audiogon - Gryphon’s sound interesting but where? How much?

Gear I have heard thus far:

1) Krell
Krell FBP 300c
ML 39 CD
Eggleston Andras - mine :)
I liked that I could follow Rodby's bass lines in Metheny's Secret Story (SS) and Speaking of Now CD's, however track 3 on SS was missing some ultra-low thing that the Classe/Revel F50's presented (or accentuated, good or bad? Could have been the different rooms?) It did seem bright on a lot of other selections (could be harshness in the source material? Which, if it's on the CD I want the system to present it, good or bad.) I did like the dynamics and presence.

2) McIntosh
Mac MC 352 (plastic knobs on a 4K amp?)
Mac C 2200 tube pre-amp
B&W naut 803's
Mac CD
I liked the warmth and overall tone, but lacked the low frequency, detail, depth, and staging of other things I heard.

3) Classe
Classe CAM 200's
Classe 47.5 pre-amp and a CJ 17ls (2 day old, not broken in)
Meridian CD ($3,500 model?)
Revel F-50's

4) Spectral
DMA 100S amp
DMC 15 pre
Meridian CD
Revel F-50's

Liked the Classe gear a bit more than the Spectral due to bass. I could follow the bass in the Classe better (100 watts p/c difference?), and the presence seemed substantive. However the Spectral seemed to have a wider soundstage, albeit seemed more holographic, not quite as "thick", (I'm reaching for terms here.) Using the CJ pre, (with the CAM 200's) the Bass lost some presence and some details. Tonally it seemed very nice.

Sampling of the music CD's I used:
Pat Metheny - Speaking of Now, Secret Story
Sarah Jane Morris w/ Mark Ribot (Guitar and Vocal)
Aphex Twin - hyper electronic stuff
Rickey Lee Jones - Flying Cowboys and Ghosty Head
John Patitucci - Backwoods Bass solo
Miles Davis - Bags Groove and Kind of Blue
Other rock and Jazz and some classical

I like Bass, but I want the whole package! Detail, warmth, truth, soundstage, off-access response, ability to put speakers next to the wall with no boominess, warm the car up in the morning lol.......

Thanks for any and all responses.
Try this amp:

There is no amp that I am aware of than can touch this amp's performance at anywhere near the seller's asking price of $4200 obo used.

You can read up on this amp at

Could also try Nu-vista 300 power amp. Kevin at Upscale Audio has one at Audiogon. Latest Stereophile compared Parasound Halo JC1 (also a great amp) to the Nu-vista and describes the differences.
Hi. I used a pair of Classe CAM-350's with Andras for several years. They are a perfect choice for these speakers, and probably drive them as well as anything twice as expensive. But if, as I understand your post, you already have Andras, don't miss the deal of a lifetime--send them back to EW for conversion to Andra II's. Cost is $2750 plus $500-$600 shipping, and they are another league altogether from the originals. (See my review of the conversion on Audiogon; details are on the EW site.) Plus you can practically do it for free--the Classe CAM-200's are not powerful enough to drive the original Andras in a good-sized room, but they are more than enough for the Andra II's, which are far more efficient. The list on the 200's, as I remember, is about $3,000 less, and you won't get an opportunity this good for a long time, if ever.
Right now I have also andra,I order the stratos extreme
monos from Klaus, According to him. they will work just
fine, Ill see when they arrive.I heard the andra from
my sa 100, its sound good, Ill make a guess the 102 will
even work better, although, I heard the andras with classe,
they sound good, with Krell i think they seems too sound
lean, and bright, I dont find them matching well.I will
audition the 102 with andras.
I'm currently using MC1201's and loving it. You may want to try an MC500 or MC602 to stay within budget. It won't have all the thunder of the 1201's but it will get you real close.
Also using the c2200 with a dodson D/A and sony scd-1.

when you heard that system with the mc352 the lack of detail was more than likely that of the mac cd esspecialy if it was their dvd combo unit which lacks detail and sound stage. Even their 2 piece unit is like that. I've had both.
Thanks to everyone for all your feedback. Now I have to figure out how to demo some of this stuff. I'd like to hear a McCormack DNA 2 (there apears to be a few models), and a Pass X 250 or 350 to compare to the Classe CAM 200's I heard, although I need to hear them driving the Andras. The Stratos Extreme threads are a very interesting read. If you have any more info or suggestions, please share. I'll post as I audition and ultimately purchase.
jim 63, one of our audiophile bro, mentioned that the
stratos monoblock are good, after comparing them with
plinius, mc intosch, classe, he end up buying the
monoblock stratos, He said this sound more of classe,
Now that extreme are probably much better than the
monos, I like them because they are neutral, smooth,
with good bass, I assume they are not hard to match,
andras kind a hard to match,So i play safe for the price
and the performance,maybe i dont need to buy expensive
gear to play my andra, according to Klaus mine, will
arrive approx mid Feb.And besides Tyson,Alex,Stehno,and
Socrates, and Audiojerry this audiophile do really
know what they are talking about.Try to go
they are talking about this twin xtreme stratos.Jim
let me know if you find a good match, i will also let
know, if the stratos are good.
Jim63, just a clarification. The McCormack DNA-2 is a fine amp I'm sure. But please make no mistake. I am talking specifically about the McCormack DNA-2 'Rev A' which is a whole different beast altogether.

The DNA-2 Revision A is an aftermarket DNA-2 that has been previously gutted by Steve McCormack and outfitted with some of the finest innards. Look at to see what has been done to this amp in the revision A section.

And right now there is only one available.

Well, when you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I have a Berning ZH270 amplifier, and I love it, and it is what I would recommend to you. It meets your price point, and it gives you marvelous tube midrange sound with ss bass, and allows all the musical detail to come through. Plus it only weighs 10lbs, only draws 300 watts (as I recall), is self biasing (no hassle), has a volume control and two inputs (so you can avoid a preamp), and has selectable feedback for speaker impedence matching. Of course, I belong to the camp that thinks tubes sound better than ss, and that eliminating the transformer is an improvement. I have never heard it drive the Eggleston speakers, but I highly recommend you try it. I think it will provide all the things you felt the other amps you tried lacked. The website is
Jim 63 with respect to Stehno,I think the Mccormack
would sound leaner with the andra, unless you will
use transparent cable, or MIT.I think the DNA is a
beast, totally agree with with Stehno, but Iam familiar
with this Mc Cormack stuff,dont get me wrong they are
good gear,but they are on the lean and bright side, the
one Stehno is talking about might have different sonic.
Ill tell you a story my fiend here is a dealer of mc cormack,and he was very sure the dna 225 i think is
way better than plinius, I brought my plinius in his
store, the plinius came out on top, this is the sa 100,
with the 102 it will be a diferrent league.Will the extreme
monos stratos will beat the 102? I hope so.It will be very
intersting,next week my friend will loan me this unit.
then need to be spend.stratos will arrive mid
february.I will just go ahead to audition the 102.
Jim63, I don't mean to be offensive, but Jayctoy gives good indication he knows nothing about McCormack's aftermarket revisions to DNA-2 amps.

There is nothing lean about the Revision A. You can do a search on A'gon for other Rev A owner's opinions. Members Garfish and Eagle being two of them.

My Aerial Acoustic 10T speakers are probably not too dis-similar from your Andras as far as size and thirst for power. And with the Rev A driving them, I've never heard such rich, robust, and dynamic full bass in any other system. Not to mention the mids which are perhaps more tube-like than solid state.

Lean? Everytime I listen via the Rev A, it still sounds like a 1000 wpc tube amp, but with the speed and articulation usually only found in ss.

Don't take my word for it, nor somebody else's word who never listened to or even heard of this amp.

Again check out the website to find out more about this amp and what other's say about it.

Stehno, I agree with you that you know, this rev A amp.
very well. I wonder maybe the reason that you did not
hear any lean or bright sound on this amp, is it because
the aerial are on the dark side,or maybe even the Dna 0.5
might sound just about right with the aerial,after I saw
the aerial sp. in your thread, then i realise that, those
two will match perfectly, Iam not saying at all that the
rev a is lean or bright. What do you think? Or maybe the
mc cormack I listen just wont work with revealing speakers,
like dynaudio,or totem drivers. Now you made me think of
giving this rev a chance to audition.Does this unit is
carried by mc cormack dealers or just certain place?
I would appreciate it fully any comment from you. Thanks
Stehno,I got really involve in this thread bacause,I
own amp less andra Like Jim,I took your advice I did
went to seems owners are very elated
happy owner. Do I agree this is agood amp,100% YES,Again
the the speakers they were the ff, thiel, bmw's,and
energy, this speakers will much well, but with andra
these speakers are too revealing. It is only my honest
opinion.Lastly I would like to hear this amp, or recommend
this to my friend who own BMW NO5.I confess to you
I dont know that smc does some revision, I think this is
good for owners, instead buying for new amp.Stehno thanks
again, dont get fed up with me I totally appreciate
your thread, I have been only on audiogon since Dec.
Iam enjoying it.And Iam learning a lot.There are so
many audiophile who have tons of exp.GOD BLESS YOU ALL...
DNA-1 Standard Monoblocks. They are on their way to Vista CA to receive a Rev A and other upgrades. I have to wait until mid March to hear the results. I'll let you know how they turn out. Thanks for all the input. Jaycot - Let me know how the Stratos work out for you. I do have transparent cables, I'll have to see how things sound and see what, if any, areas in the sound need attention.
Jim63, if they are anything like the DNA-2 Rev A and I'm sure they are, you should be mightily impressed.

Jayctoy, no problem at all. Hope the Stratos work out for ya'.

Stehno,have you read the review of dual mono stratos a this guy Tyson thinks this monos deserve
to be mention in the same breaththe better classe, and
Mark levinsons? Well will the extreme monos be compared
to ML, and classe?
Jayctoy, yes, I am quite aware of the Stratos. They are supposedly fantastic with review after review backing up their performance.

I have little doubt that the Stratos is better than every amp you mentioned above and many more amps as well.

You made a very wise choice.

Stehno, thanks again.
It seems you were always aware of bass performance, how about a 250 watt per channel (conservatively rated) amplifier that has been repeatedly reviewed as having the best bass control in the business, bar nothing at any price? The Belles 350-A will shoot it out with tube and solid state monoblocks costing out to thirty thousand dollars and deliver many strengths that these do not have. They seem almost tube-like in their smooth and involving nature but the smoothness comes from an accuracy that has no artificial emphasis like you'll find with other high end solid state. Put a Kaptovator power cord on it and you'll be able to hear what a power cord does.