Need Amp advise for Totem MITE

Just ordered a pair of this from Audiogon. I have a DAC that's connected to the computer, and I still want to use it as source.

What amp is good to drive these?

Also, what wiring is appropriate?

Placement is key with the Mites.

I used the Mites with tubes (Prima Luna) and solid state (Outlaw) and they sounded fine. The placement was compromised and I never got all I could out of them.

I used QED Silver Anniversary for speaker cables, Audioquest copper Black Mamba for interconnects.

Fellow member Matt (dazzlingmd) owns the Mites. You may wish to contact him.

Hey Rich, thanks for the input.

I forgot to mention that this is a rather low budget system. The Mites were bought for roughly $300. I was thinking that amps were going to cost another $300 or so.

Are there anything in this range that you would recommend?

Thanks again
check out topping units sold on they're compact digital amps that go upto 50wpc with great reviews.
I just like this amp at $200 or so ...
Emotiva mini-X a-100 . As long as you stick to a single source, you get a 50 wpc power amp with a volume control.