Need Amp Advice

Hey guys,

New member here but music lover for many years.
I am looking to upgrade my amps to get better sound quality and really need some help. I watch movies and listen to music daily. I would say in general, 70/30 (movies 70). I run a 5.1 setup and plan on upgrading to 7.1.4 in the future, but happy with 5.1 at the moment.
When I listen to music I only use the 802's (no sub and no multichannel music).

Currently, my setup is:

Main speakers: B&W 802D (first Diamond)
Center: B&W HTM2D
Surrounds: Klipsch
Sub: Klipsch

Marantz AV8802A

Emotiva XPA-1 monoblock x2 for the main speakers 
Emotiva XPA-3 Gen 3 for the center and surrounds

The sounds is good, it's actually more than good but I want it to be even better. I have been looking at many used amps (can not afford new ones) and wanted to ask for your opinion on the following that I have considered. I have not heard any of them with my speakers.

1. Classe CM-A600 monoblocks 
2. McIntosh MC501 monoblocks
3. I even looked at the Devialet 200 which was recommended by someone I know
4. Krell?

Do those amps make sense? Am I looking at a noticeable improvement over the Emotivas? I would love to hear from people who know and heard those amps, especially driving 802's.
I am of course open to any other suggestions as well.

Thank you in advance!

It's actually very easy to do.  Obviously the stereo pre would be connected directly to the amp driving the 802s, and your high-end stereo source also gets hooked into the stereo pre as well, just as if it was a normal stereo-only hookup.  The trick is then to use the front L/R preamp outs from the Marantz into the HT bypass or some other unused input (I used to use the aux input) into the stereo preamp.  If the stereo pre has an HT bypass you're pretty much done as it takes the stereo preamp's volume control completely out of the picture so it's basically a pure passthrough.  If it's a normal input I would just set the stereo preamp's volume control to the 12:00 position as an reference level and then balance the multi channel volume levels with the prepro as usual.  With this hookup, when you want to watch HT you just choose the input on the stereo pre that has the output from the front L/R of the prepro, turn the volume on the stereo pre to 12:00 so it goes to the proper preset reference volume level (unnecessary if you have an HT bypass) and you're good to go.  When listening to two channel you obviously just switch to the appropriate input on the stereo pre and you're done (just make sure you lower the volume on the stereo pre when switching back from HT to stereo or you'll have a loud volume blast if you don't have bypass).  Sounds worse than it is -- it's actually very easy to do in practice.  I did this for years until I finally got a dedicated listening room and it was a really great way to go.

I would stress to not underestimate the importance of a really good stereo preamp in a high-end system.  In my experience and opinion it is often overlooked but one of the absolute biggest contributors in the quality of sound you ultimately get (or don't get) from your system, and I think others here would back me up on that.  Again, best of luck. 

Thank you very much Soix, I'll try and build towards that. First I want to get the right amp/s and then add a stereo pre.
<<dealer disclaimer>>
Krell Foundation 4K and Krell Chorus amplifier sound AWESOME.  I'm using them on my really big demo system and they blow me away every time I play anything.  Detail, soundstage, effortlessness, it's hard to find anything they don't do with ease.  :-). Hope you find what you are looking for.
I have a similar history.  I have a Classe SSP-800 but listen mostly to  music in 2.2 with KEF reference fronts and dual Paradigm Signature 15 subs.  I was using an Emotive XPA-2, but just upgraded to a Classe CA-2300.  Wow is all I can say.  I didn't turn my TV on for three
days, as my girlfriend and I just listened to music.  Less Harsh, bigger soundstage, way more
open, tingly and smooth.  Never wanted to turn it down.  Well, it should be a big difference given the prices.  Emotive is a solid value.  The Classe amp is simply amazing, but don't overlook the combination of Classe Pre amp as well.  Classe has revamped their lineup, so the current (or old) silver units can be had for a deal perhaps.  The new stuff is grey but similarly styled. Thanks!  Ken.
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