Need Amp Advice?

I have a Yamaha 2095 as a pre/pro and would like to buy a 5 channel amp.I have B&W cdm9nt,snt,cnt velodyne spl 1200 sub. Anyway, what amp would be a nice match? Ati 1505,Rotel 1095,Sherbourn 1500/5,Parasound 2205at,B&K 7250. What i/c should I use and what speaker cable(12ft runs)? All advice would be appreciated.I live in Las Vegas and there is nowhere to find quality equipment to demo.
Thanks, baxel
The B&k is a nice piece for the money... weighs a ton and has nice sound for theater and audio...
I would stretch a little and get a 3 channel aragon 8008 and a 2 channel 8008 for ultimate sound..if your are at all into music... the b&k is of course much less expensive, but all in all is a nice piece... and the aragon to be used with the 2090 that doesnt have balanced inputs is kind of overkill... The ati is nice as well, I am not crazy about the parasound, I think it is just a step above adcom..
I think the b and k would be a nice match with the b and w speakers... I set up a system for a friend that bought
804s and the cdm center and he used the ref 30 with the 7250...great sounding setup..I think you would be happy with that. Interconnects... well definately go for something like the wireworld eclipse silvers if you can get them or the transparent xl's they are my favorite... I love the mit mi 330 cvts but the terminator boxes on them make it difficult to put 5 separate inputs into the equipment with all of the rest of the wire. Speaker wire, try straightwire Rhapsody shotgun set or single run if you can bi-wire better off..
Anyway, Good luck,
I can't speak for the rest, but I heard the Rotel and the Sherbourn. It wasn't even close; the Sherbourn handily beat the Rotel in every department. It's hard to beat the Sherbourn 5/1500A for the price.

Thanks for the input. I purchased the B&K amp and now all I need to figure out is what i/c's and speaker cable so please give me more advice.