Need AM/FM Stereo Tuner Antennae Help

I recently acquired a Uher EG 750 AM/FM stereo tuner. This is a German tuner that needs antennaes whose connections to the unit are physically quite different from what I have seen for antennaes compatible with tuners manufactured in the United States. I do not have the manual for the tuner, which is just as well as it was almost certainly published in German. Can anyone tell me where I could find antennaes for this tuner? My web searches so far have been unproductive. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated!
no doubt you'll have to improvise...

For the AM there's typically a single post connection (screw?) you can use a longwire or ferrite rod type antenna.
For the FM you may have an unbalanced (coaxial) PAL connector such as is used on Euro TV's. Or if there's twin posts or holes, that's a 300 ohm balanced input. FM antennas are usually balanced, whether the bow tie or the twinlead T or the omni or the unidirectional yagi. To interface to a coaxial type input you'll need a balun (balancing transformer).
Go see the folks at Radio Shack; they carry a lot of this type stuff. You may have to ask a few questions; not just anyone on staff will be able to help you; locate an experienced knowledgable employee. Different people are there at different times & days, so ask questions to find the right guy. You may have to call a different store, or their corporate tech support. Or try an antenna manufacturer (Winegard, Finco, etc) customer support line.
You may find a suitible connector at Radio Shack which you will use as a replacement for the connector on the antenna cable. Not a big deal, BUT, I've put up with one of those connectors for some years and found that they do no form the best connection. They easily work loose and the 'pin' inside the connector is split and doesn't always make the most solid connection. I just replaced the connector on the tuner the a good USA F type. If you can do it or you can pay a techie a few buck to do it for you it is really worthwhile I think.
I would do what Newbee suggests,good luck,Bob