Need advise to help make quality bal cables

I want to make my own high quality XLR cables. I can use a soldering iron, use shrink tube and I can buy Neutrik gold pin XLRs.

Is there a REPUTABLE audiophile cable company that will sell QUALITY cable in bulk? Or by the foot? Or are they afraid that 'do-it-yourselfers' might botch their reputation by terminating.

I have:
Emm Labs direct DSD transport
Emm Labs DAC6e
Emm Labs Switchman-3 preamp
Crown Ref I amps (6)

Thank you for any advise.

for vendors look at Homegrown Audio, Chris VH, and maybe the Vampire cable websites. I believe these all sell wire you could use to DIY XLR IC's. There are also a number of vendors who sell DIY type cables already pre made. In particular the Element Cable has good designs using Belden wire, and was recently favorably reviewed. A list of vendors can be found within the following links.
Suggest you visit the webpage "asylum" at for CABLES.
All you EVER wanted to know about home-made cables and more. Plenty of links to cable making via search engine there.
I recently made balanced cables using Canare "star-quad" cable with Neutrik connectors. This is inexpensive cable (about $.15/foot) with a good reputation.

I ordered from Markertek (cables and connectors both). I have ordered several times from them, very fast, good prices.

Search the forums here for details on how to make the cables, it's been described before.

- Eric
Thanks Eric! I will look into the Canare.