need advise on upgrade path

I'm thinking about upgrading either my speakers or getting a new dac. I have 2 setups right now.

basement (primary little mancave)
rega RP3 TT / sheevaplug (running mpd) -> hrt music streamer II -> rega brio-r -> focal jmlab chorus 707s

upstairs (secondary)
old phillips magnavox cdp / laptop running mpd (borrow hrt from basement when needed) -> arcam alpha 10p -> ADS L880

I definitely want to keep the ADS L880's as even though 'vintage' they are mint and I love their sound and look. I would be replacing the focals and/or getting an upgrade dac for the basement and move the hrt upstairs.

My price range is 400-500 for the dac ... either new or used. The price range for speakers would be 400-500 plus the 300 (used preferably due to price restriction) or so I think I can get for the focals.

My main question is can I get a significant upgrade in the speaker department for around 700-800 used over the focals and what would folks recommend.

I will say that I don't have many hi-fi places around me to demo so I would be buying pretty much blind. I have heard the rega rs1 and although they are nice not much (if any) upgrade over the focals imho.

For a dac I was thinking about the schiit bitfrost if I bought new with the usb option.

edit: my basement listening is small. Probably about 14 feet x 10 feet and I would be interested in stand mount monitors.