Need advise on RCA female dummy plugs

I am anticipating a return of my CJ Premier Ten which was modded by Bill Thalman.He made a complete bypass of all mechanical connectors (Selector,Balance,Rec/Monitoring)so it is essentially a one source component now.I can live with plugging/unplugging the needed source every time but need some ideas on how to implement female RCA dummy plugs for unused components (CD,Phono & tuner)which i plan to keep on all the time.The interconnects are heavy (Straightwire Crescendos) and i don't unnessesary tension created by leaving them hanging.I also want to protect them from dust,so they must be plugged in in some kind od dummy plugs atached to a back wall or back side of the shelf.Any ideas regarding this matter would be appreciated.Thanks.
Frankly, any female RCAs will do for this task which, IMHO, is unnecessarily obsessive.

Try some Cardas caps, they're for sale on here all the time and they're cheap and effective.
Add a selector switch.