Need advise on rack for turntable

I just purchased a Scountmaster. My current rack is too "flimsey" to support the turntable without the tonearm wobbling in the record groove as i walk across the floor. The room has carpet, and is on the second floor of the house. I'm lookin for something that will keep vibrations away from the turntable, but won't cost me than the price of the turntable I'm trying to support with it.

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I agree on the wall shelf. The target pro shelf model is a little bit larger and I believe large enough. If not you can get another board of some type and then reduce using cones.

If you do not use a wall shelf then use a short floor rack. The Solid Steel 2 shelf racks are wide enough plus the lower hight gives you more stability.
Add to a Target wall rack a Neuance platform.

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I use one from SolidSteel. You can adjust them. Very good.
I built one a while back, take a look http:/
The Ultimate Reference Platform by Audiav might answer all of your prayers and is due out in December! The Composite Products / Black Diamond Racing are just too flimsy and useless.

On thought - I think the Zirconia TT might be out of your price range though... if you are looking for something under $800