Need advise on HT Pre / Proc

I'm want to integrate my 2ch and HT set up and am looking for solutions for a pre proc.

My 2ch systems consists of a pair of Dunlavy Sc IV A's driven by a Mcintosh MC 352. This is driven by a Metric Halo 2882 used as a DAC fed by either FW or optical out of an Airport express.

I'm looking for a 5.1 pre the has a good 2ch analogue path or a DAC on par with a Benchmark or Lavry da10.

Inputs will be.
Oppo blueray DVD
Apple TV or other set top server box
2 Ch audio via afore mentioned DAC analogue output (balanced) .
or 2 Ch digital is the pre has a nice DAC.

Looking to spend in the 1K range, not opposed to used.

My TV is 720p/1080I Sony RP LCD and has 1 HDMI input, 1 DVI input, 2 Component.

Some of the pres. I was looking at were.
Yet to be released Emotiva.
A used B&K AV 50
A used Krell HTS.

Open to any and all suggestions.


I would also conside any of the McItosh pre/pros. MX134,135,136,119 or 120. They have a very good 2 channel preamp built in and use good processors for HT. Also take
a look at Anthem.
Hi dw.

I assume you will continue to power your Dunlavys with the MC32. Do you already have amplification for your center and surround speakers? If not, what are you planning for that? A pre/pro with seperate amplification or an avr?

I do plan on using the MC 352 for the Duns.
I have considered both an AVR with pre outs or a pre pro with separate amps.
I'm leaning toward just a pre pro as I have some old Marantz soild state amp,s DC 170', I just recapped that could be used for rears and center. Was also looking at some of the Emotiva multichannel amps as a possibility.

One question I have is that do i really need the lossless HDMI connection for audio, if the pre has analouge multi channel inputs. Wouldn't the Oppo BR player be able to decode and send analogue?

If I could eliminate the HDMI Audio needs and connect the players HDMI to the TV for video, it would open up a world of used quality pre pro that people have offed in to upgrade to HDMI.


thanks for the help,

Bass management in players is notoriously limited. There are exceptions but, so far, Oppo has not been one of them.

I've been combing the adds here.
Something like the B&K AVR 205, 305, 507 seems like it might be a good inexpensive interim measure, at least until the Emotiva pre pro comes out.

Any one familiar with the differences in these units. Would there be any bass management using the 5.1 analogue inputs?
I have a B&K Ref-20 available for a song. It will not give you the advanced BluRay HD Audio formats, but if 2-Ch is key for you, the Analog Bi-Pass on the Reference 20 is outstanding, and all the DD-DTS-ProLogic are very very good. Take a look in the classified section, and let me know!
Regardless of which you choose, please be aware that the McIntosh amp you have has an input sensitivity of 1.6V for max output. You'll want to keep that in mind when picking the right pre/pro. I don't think you'll find many AV Rcvrs that can produce 1.6V output on their preamp outs. The B&K Ref 20 will product more than enough, as will the Krell. I sell B&K and I'd go with the Krell. Either way, you will be happy with the results.