Need advise on dvd player

I am basically a hardcore 2 channel guy. But would like to add a good dvd player to my current system. Current applicable equipment consist of...Cary Int Amp, Marantz SR18 HT receiver, JM Lab Electra 926 mains along with JM Lab Center and Surrounds. Need to add a decent DVD player keeping in mind I don't watch that many movies but would like a good experience when I do. Have always bought used stuff off the Gon with satisfaction. Need to keep price around $500.00. Greatful for some direction here.
Buy a Denon 3910. They can be had used for $400 or so. I don't know of any better for the price.

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Get an OPPO.
For ~$200 you can get a OPPO DVD player that is as good as any player out there (AND I MEAN ANY, even at the $2000+ price point.)

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Good advice on both players...with Denon getting nod for audio as well. Oppo will keep $300 in your pocket and not too shabby on music.(model 980 or 981)Like the Denon, Oppo is universal player as well. Based on your wants/needs the Oppo is a no brainer. Some stray away due to price but I don't have money to burn like some members here. Support is above ave from threads I have read.
Oppo is a great unit but the Lexicon sounds a bit better and has all the possible performance and adjustments you will ever need, the RT-10 can be had used for around your budget.
Do you have a high def display? If so, I would suggest a Panasonic BD30 Blu-ray player, which is well within your budget.
I have the 2910 and very happy with it.

I just got done watching Diana Krall "live in Paris" dvd in DTS surround... jaw to the floor.

The unit does multi channel audio very well.

I'd assume 3910 is even better.

If you decide to go Denon route, soon as you get it, do the firmware upgrade. It's available on Denon's site. Takes about 5 minutes to download, burn, and upload to your player.

Huge improvement in PQ on my player. No more green push and MB was all but gone.

Have fun hunting.
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