Need advise on Amps to go with Herron VTSP-1A pre

Hello to all...need some help.

I have upgraded to a Herron VTSP-1A pre amp and am looking for an amp to go with it. Of course there is the Herron 150's but I was wondering if there would be recommendations on other options. I would like to stick with solid state. The rest of the system is:

Cary 303 cd player
JM Lab Mini Utopia speakers
Harmonic Technology cables and interconnects.

The VTSP-1A is a superb pre - congratulations. It really makes a synergistic combo with Keith's M150s - it appears that you have heard it. Does it lack something with the rest of your components? Is so, if you can be specific it would help us help you.

I have not heard the Herron 150s. I was hoping for a stereo amp instead of the dual mono solution. Also, I can't spring for the price of the Herron's at this time. Perhaps I should just save up?
Goose -

Blue Circle makes some highly regarded SS stereo amps at various price points. Gilbert Yeung's preamps are tubed like the Heron VTSP, so they should marry well.

An interesting option for around $3000 is the Spectron Musician II, a digital amp that blows away the touted Bel Cantos IMHO.